Festival Season Campaign

Services DOP, Editor
Client Arctic Army
Year 2022

Campaign video content for Arctic Army, revealing their Summer staples perfect for festival season.

A summer campaign for Arctic Army, placing the brands new non-Winter pieces in a festival backdrop.

Combining digital footage and more retro camcorder footage, I shot and edited several slightly longer videos for socials and web banner use, as well as creating bite sized 10-15 second videos for instagram stories.

Alongside the main festival concept, we had another alternative concept for posting later in the season. The same deliverables were created here, several longer videos alongside a selection of more bite-sized story videos.

Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique brands to corporations.

Notable clients include NME, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Champion, Many Pets, Monocle, Gillette Venus, Lick, Airbnb, Papier, Dunelm, OLIO, Boden, Lisou, Arctic Army