Grime Pays 2020
Services Director, DOP, Editor
Client The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation
Year 2020

Season 6 of the GRM Daily-premiered series Grime Pays, documenting a group of young people in East London discovering how to make it in the music industry.

A unique music industry project based in London ran by The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, Grime Pays puts young people through the ranks and shows them the ins and outs of how to make money from music.

Since its inception in 2017, I’ve been documenting every Grime Pays project as a DOP and editor. During each project, I follow the journey of a group of young people, being a fly-on-the-wall to their learning and also capturing interviews throughout to build a thoughtful, and entertaining, story.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Grime Pays Intro

The final edits are premiered on the UK’s leading urban music and culture site GRM Daily. Each season has 4-5 episodes, alongside vertical and square teaser videos for socials.

As the Grime Pays program developed, I also developed a visual identity for it as a visual designer, drawing on relevant cultural trends that young people, and GRM Daily viewers, could engage with and find entertaining.

Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique brands to corporations.

Notable clients include John Lewis, Sainsburys, River Island, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lick, Champion, Many Pets, Monocle, Gillette Venus, Papier, Dunelm, OLIO, Boden, Lisou