Homethings Campaigns
Services Director, DOP, Editor
Client Homethings
Year 2020, 2021

Campaign videos created for eco-friendly cleaning product startup Homethings.

Directed, shot and edited two campaign videos for eco-cleaning venture Homethings; the first, a kickstarter video for their initial launch (below) and another later video for another investor funding campaign (above).

Below is the first of the campaign videos. It tells the story of how somethings are better of re-used (like cleaning product bottles) and some... not so much.

For both videos, I provided creative consultation on the ideation process, and was then a DOP and director on set, navigating creative direction, camera work and lighting simultaneously.

Subsequently, I created a main campaign edit from the footage, working with Homethings closely to address their needs to produce the most engaging, informative and, importantly, comedic video as possible.

Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique brands to corporations.

Notable clients include NME, Adidas, Champion, Many Pets, Monocle, Gillette Venus, Lick, Airbnb, Papier, Dunelm, OLIO, Boden, Lisou, Arctic Army