Lick ~ In Residence
Services DOP, Editor
Client Lick
Year 2022

A YouTube series for Lick, discovering how creatives use colour and Lick paint in their professional and personal lives.

‘In Residence’ is a new series by Lick, where we visit the homes or workspace of creative professionals to find out how they use colour (and Lick paint) in their professions and lifestyles. 

The first of the series was visiting illustrator Emmy Lupin. I spent a day in her London-based studio and found out about her creative process, her space and why colour is important to her. The main outcome was a 7-minute long video aswell as a 9x16 teaser for socials and a quickfire Q&A for extra social content.

Click here to see the full episode! ︎

I also captured stills of her in the space.


The second video in the series was visiting Lindsay Isla, a Margate-based content creator living in a joyful pastel-painted home. In the video, I interview Lindsay in the space, chatting about her home, lifestyle and what colour means to her.

Click here to see the full episode! ︎

Like the Emmy Lupin video, the main outcome was a long-form YouTube video aswell as a teaser video and a quickfire Q&A for socials.

  I captured stills of Lindsay aswell as her home, which you can see in full on the Lick website here. ︎


Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique brands to corporations.

Notable clients include NME, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Champion, Many Pets, Monocle, Gillette Venus, Lick, Airbnb, Papier, Dunelm, OLIO, Boden, Lisou, Arctic Army