Natural Diamonds India Video Content
Services DOP, Editor
Client Natural Diamonds India,BTG
Year 2023

Two pieces of content for Natural Diamonds India, both exploring the world of Natural Diamonds.

Colour, Craft & Creativity

with Sarah Royce-Greensill

The first set of content for Natural Diamonds India was with jewellery consultant Sarah Royce-Greensill. In these sets of videos, we explored how diamonds and coloured gemstones are utilised in contemporary designs. Sarah speaks on how the latest trends tap into the cultural zeitgeist but also celebrate the timelessness of natural diamonds.

The video outputs were three 9x16 short-form videos (below) and one long-form 16x9 video for YouTube (above).

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Style & Substance

with Nonita Kalra

In the second set of videos, we interview legendary fashion editor Nonita Kalra, discovering the moments, goals, and inspirations that have shaped her life and career. And, of course, we showcase the natural diamonds that have accompanied her along the journey, mementos of the people she loves most.

The video outputs were four 9x16 short-form videos and one long-form 16x9 video for YouTube.

B-Cam: @lottiecripps

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