Papier's Journals

Services DOP, Editor
Client Papier
Year 2021

A series of videos showcasing Papier’s wellness, gratitude and productivity journals and how they can improve your wellbeing and daily life.

Stationary brand Papier have a knack for knowing how to get us all to put pen to paper a little bit more in this ever-digital world we live in. Notably, their range of wellness, gratitude and productivity journals encourage anyone willing to find some mindfulness in their day-to-day lives.

This range of videos was launched at the start of 2022, welcoming the new year to sponsor and purvey new healthy habits. The videos needed to reflect Papier’s strong visual brand and bring a sense of peace and calm through the visuals, music and voiceover.

Daily Planner Journal
Wellness & Gratitude Journals


Wellness Journal
Gratitude Journal

Shot in 3 different rooms at a location house, we composed 3 different small scenes reflecting day-to-day relatable settings for Papier’s wellness, gratitude and productivity journals. These videos were edited into various lengths and formats, predominantly for paid ads across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique brands to corporations.

Notable clients include John Lewis, Sainsburys, River Island, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lick, Champion, Many Pets, Monocle, Gillette Venus, Papier, Dunelm, OLIO, Boden, Lisou